TOURNAMENT 2:00PM Wednesday Afternoon Double Chance FreezeOut

Wednesday afternoon Double Chance FreezeOut - Wednesday's @ 2PM



You get 20k in chips, you can choose to start with 10K if you wish and if you lose it you get your other 10k. You can start with your full 20k or add your remaining 10k at any time. After 6 levels the entry period is over and anyone who hasn’t taken their second 10k yet must take it now. After the first 6 levels it’s a straight freeze out.

Club Tournament access Flat Fee $15 – ONE TIME CHARGE, NO HOURLY FEES FOR TOURNAMENT!

$50 Entry

Starting stack is 20k (optional 10k + 10k later)

No rebuys, No add-ons



Payout 7-12% depending on number of players.

♣ A player must be at his or her seat by the time all players have been dealt complete initial hands to have a live hand. Players must be at their seats to call time. “At your seat” is defined as being within reach or touch of your chair. ♣ Higher-denomination chips must be placed where they are easily visible to all other players at the table. ‘Hidden’ chips may result in the offender being restricted in the player’s further action or another player being allowed to reconsider their action. ♣ Tournament chips must be visible on the table throughout the event. Chips taken off the table will be removed from the event, and a player doing this may be disqualified. ♣ All cards will be turned face up once a player is all in and all action is complete. ♣ A player must show cards when playing the board to get part of the pot. ♣ All cell phones and other voice-enabled and “ringing” electronic devices must be silenced during tournament play. A player who wants to use a cell phone must be at least one table length away from their assigned table or be subject to penalty. No cell phones or other electronic communication device can be placed on a poker table. ♣ A player exposing their cards with action pending may incur a penalty, but will not have a dead hand. The penalty will begin at the end of the hand. All players at the table are entitled to see the exposed card(s), if requested. A penalty may also be imposed if a player throws a card off the table, violates the one-player-to-a-hand rule or engages in similar behavior. Penalties will be invoked in cases of verbally stating one’s hand during play, soft-play, abuse or disruptive behavior. All penalties will be imposed at the tournament director’s discretion. ♣ All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules, eligibility, etc. for this tournament lie solely with the lodge and tournament staff whose decisions are final. *Note: Management reserves the right to alter, change, or cancel this tournament. Management will not be held responsible in the event of typographical errors or misinformation on the website or printed material pertaining to this event.


Last chance to buy-in when countdown timer reaches zero

The Lodge Poker Club, South Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX

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