House Rules


Members Only

  • Entry and access to all facilities at The Lodge require membership status.
  • Memberships can be purchased in daily, monthly or annually.
  • No one under the age of 21 may purchase a membership.
  •  Club access fee is required to access The Lodge. Flat access fees will be charged for tournaments/special events, otherwise the access fee is $10/hour as of 1/1/2019.
  • The Lodge Card Club is a privately owned business and reserves the right to revoke membership or refuse service to anyone not abiding by club house rules, infringing on the safety or enjoyment of fellow members, failure to pay dues or any other reasons at the discretion of The Lodge management.

The Staff

  • The Lodge Card Club requires all staff including dealers, front desk associates and all other facilities personnel to abide by house rules as set forth by the social club and the laws as written by the State of Texas.
  • Staff is trained to manage table game rules; any issues or concerns with The Lodge staff is to be addressed with management and not the staff directly.
  • Staff members are allowed to play any game or tournament at the Lodge.
  • The Lodge staff has the right and responsibility to report any member concerns or misconduct to management.


  • The Lodge is fully equipped with security cameras and personnel to ensure the comfort and safety of its members and staff
  • Security guard will be on staff during all club hours
  • The Lodge strictly prohibits the admittance of anyone with firearms or other weapons; Signs displaying the Texas Penal Code compliant 30.06 and 30.07 prohibiting the carry of concealed and/or open carry firearms are displayed upon entry
  • Any member or staff concerns must be reported immediately to The Lodge management and/or security staff to be addressed

Food and Drink

  • The Lodge is happy to provide water and coffee to its members
  • Food can be brought in and delivered to a member at his or her own expense
  • The Lodge has designated sitting areas where members can eat and drink at the leisure
  • Texas State Law permits BYOB; anyone acting inappropriately or disruptive to The Lodge staff or other members will be asked to leave the premises with a chance of membership being revoked

Facility Rental

  • The Lodge is happy to accommodate special events for both individuals, corporations or charitable organizations
  • Membership is required for any of the above persons or organizations who would like to rent out our facilities
  • Private rooms are available for those wishing to host private games, trainings or any management approved events
  • House rules must be followed by all special event attendees, including membership and hourly club access fee
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